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Situé au coeur de Bois-Colombes, notre antenne MY HAPPY LITTLE SCHOOL du 92 est associé avec Matilda English 4 Fun! avec qui nous travaillons etroitement pour permettre aux élèves d'avoir accès à l'anglais toute leur  scolarité. MY HAPPY LITTLE SCHOOL à Bois-Colombes accueil les enfants de 2 à 5 ans avant de rentrer chez Matilda English 4 Fun! qui accueil les enfants dès 6ans.



Give your child a headstart to life by giving them the opportunity to learn English, the most spoken language in the world !


At My Happy Little School we offer a unique, hands on and dynamic program, to learn and develop a new language by having fun !


A melting pot of neuroscience, Montessori, Steiner, and our very own pedagogy, our aim is for our pupils to have fun whilst they are learning! From Teddy bear first aid, to planting flowers, baking cakes and making aquariums.. and much more.. 

Every session focuses around a sound. We use the Jolly Phonics and Letterland programs for sound and letter recognition.


My Happy Little School gives each child the opportunity to experience a weekly bubble of going to a school in the British culture, where developing each child's self confidence is the meaning behind what we do.

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